2010 Summer Season
Wood Bat Division Champions


2010 PCBL Summer Wood Bat Championship


Red Sox -vs- Tigerwaves



Tigerwaves Wash Out Red Sox

By Scot Sweet / PCBL Staff Writer



On This picture perfect HOT summer night of August, Just what the "Boys of Summer" dream of and remember since childhood came to reality. From the moment each player step into the dugout, strapped on there metal cleats, stood up and fasten there Hats, slapped there baseball gloves with the palm of there hand (music bumping) and ran out to the field, IT WAS ON !!

With the ever so strong assembled TigerWaves living up to there fighting ways to arrive and with no surprise the Championship game. With all the experience in hand ,they knew it was not just going to be a walk in the park (no pun intended). The ever so quite upcoming Red Sox team earning there spot by dominating at times with there very strong pitching and offence finally paid off to get them where they belong. With all said we were in for a heated battle.
As the TigerWaves take the field, Garrett Behnke would stand top the hill once again.
1st inning, Mikey, Mike Maganza would lead off for the Sox only to hit a hard fly ball directly at the left fielder.
Behnke would fair well the fist inning and retire the next two batters, Montenegra and Fishman. A one two three start for the strong southpaw. TigerWaves coming up.
As the Sox take the field with there solid defense and one of the strongest battery in the league meaning Sean Minor on the bump along with Cameron Fishman attending the dish. Leading off, Slimack quickly starts it off with a base hit, a rare pass ball would move him up 90 feet. Behnke would plate and draw a walk. With Minor starting off with first and second and no out's, you could see was at struggle, already knowing the experience pitcher had to fight through. Not helping the fight Mr, Adam Geery is coming to the plate.(Geery has proven to be one of the best hitters the PCBL has seen, and there are great hitters among that list) Geery would hit a hard single to the outfield yet the defense of the Red Sox would make a perfect relay play to throw out Slimak at home. With one out Minor would work through the first striking out two batters and not allowing a run.
2nd inning, would be a strong pitching and defense performance for both teams. Quietly cruising through to the 3rd with not much action to speak, we approach the 3rd.      
3rd inning, top of the third the Red Sox would continue to struggle to get anything going and would be 3 batters sat down in order. Now the TigerWaves eager to get a rally started, immediately the Sox pitched (Minor) would chop down the first batter faced. Back to the top of the line up Slimak and Behnke both draw walks, with a pass ball and stolen base, this puts the Waves with runners at 2nd and 3rd with the number 3 hole Geery at bat, Geery would get the job done with a sac fly scoring Slimak for the games first run.
4th inning, Would continue to be dominated by theBeasts on the Hill,Behnke facing 4 batters and allowing only 1 hit, Minor fans 2 only facing 3 batters and allowing no hits.
5th inning, Strong defense and Pitching would keep both teams in check with the Red Sox first three going down in order along with the TigerWaves plating 5 batters reaching on a error and a base hit.
 6th inning, Top of the line up, Maganza reaches on an error, steals second. Another throwing  error by the Waves catcher allows Maganza to come all the way and score the Red Sox first run.
With the game tight and not much offence to go along, this has been a true Wood Bat baseball game, not to mention a fine pitching performance by both hurlers. As we move later into the warm summer night. The TigerWaves  and Red Sox Knotted up 1-1. TigerWaves coming up to bat now and realize it's going to take more than a run to get the ship. As they bring it up prior to there at bats, a positive attitude and motivation encourage them to focus and try to stir up a rally in order to put runs on the board.
6th inning, Geery starts the innings offence with a knock, then Tobin the right fielder follows with a base hit, Decker draws a walk to load the bases with no out's. Sean Minor, the Red Sox pitcher going strong but realizing he could be facing trouble. While being cautious at this point trying to get an out. The on deck batter Enright approaches the batters box, who Minor has cut up in his 2 prior at bats with ease. Enright knowing in his mind that there is no way he would receive the hat trick tonight in this all important game. As usual quietly approaching the box and very focused with a plan, BOOM !!! first pitch belt high fast ball, swinging out of his A_ _ ! Enright launches a legit GRAND SLAM BOMB!! over the center field fence. Fortunutly the Red Sox would get through the inning with that only. This gave the TigerWaves a 5-1 lead heading to the 7th.
7th inning, Josh Wilkinson started things off with a hard hit single, only to be caught stealing and recording the first out. McLean and McNally would retire for the Sox unable to put any runs on the board. Bottom 7th,once again the active college pitcher Sean Minor would show his stamina putting the Top of the TigerWaves line up down in order and recording his 9th strike out of the warm weathered night.
8th inning, Would seem to be like the first couple innings of the game, with not much offence, good defense and great pitching. Aaron Ammann the Red Sox 2nd baseman would give hope in starting with a base hit and stolen base hoping to get a streak of hits and putting runs on the board. Mike Maganza grounds out, Kimboll Montenegra walks, but the still strong Behnke get's Fishman their number three batter to hit into a routine 6-4-3 to end any hope for the Sox. The Tiger Waves also could not put together any insurance runs to secure a rock solid lock, feeling the joy of winning the championship getting closer and closer, Ellis would be the only one to scrap out a base hit for the team that bottom half of the inning.
9th inning, The last chance for the scrappy Red Sox team to get it going,k nowing that what they worked for could be all on the line. Frustrated and not to confident but still knowing that they have the talent and heart to pull it off. There 4 5 6 hitter will plate, Joe Gordon, Chris Mariscal and Josh Wilkinson. Unfortunately for them the Tiger Waves stayed strong in every position holding there ground and WINNING the MID-WEEK SUMMER CLASSIC for the PCBL Championship !!

Congratulation's To the TigerWaves 2010 MID-WEEK SUMMER CHAMPS!!
Also, Congratulations to the Red Sox for a well played 2010 season, their best finish ever

Final Score: TigerWaves 5  Red Sox 1

 Box Score:
Red Sox         0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0   1 4 1
TigerWaves    0 0 1 0 0 4 0 0 *   4 6 3
Pitching Stats:
WP   Garrett Behnke: 9 IP 1 Runs 4 Hits 4 BB 4 K's
LP    Sean Minor:      8 IP 4 Runs 6 Hits 6 BB 9 K's
Offensive Contributions:
TigerWaves:   Slimak 2-3 run scored, Geery 2-3 Sac Fly 1RBI, Enright 1 Hit 4 RBI'S and Tobin also had a Hit.
Red Sox:        Wilkinson 1-2, 1 BB, Aamann, Mariscal and McLean each had a hit.
Location: El Cariso
Time: 7:00 PM