1999 Fall Season
National League Champions!

There is an old saying in this sport: "miracles can happen". On Sunday, Nov. 21, in a game between the Terror and last year’s fall/winterball champions, the Orioles, that statement came true. The Terror had entered the playoffs with a respectable 5-3-2 record and had to go to extra innings in both playoff games in order to advance. On the other side, the Orioles, 6-4, made quick work of the Reds beating them 9-1 in the first round and hung on to win 1-0 over the second round opponent, Rebels. The championship was definitely a battle over the two best lefties in the league - Tigh Curran of the Terror and Julian Salas of the Orioles. How the game eventually turned out is the big story. The Orioles were protecting a 3 run lead going into the 9th inn. When the Terror managed to load the bases with two outs. Justin Urbas was at the plate, and "on deck" would have been Tigh Curran had he not been ejected from the game the inning before because of a dispute with the plate umpire. The Terror had no one on the bench to replace him, so his "at bat" was an automatic out. The Orioles elected not to pitch around Urbas for the win. Urbas singled to right field. The runners, knowing that they all had to score in order to continue the game, rounded the bases, and the right fielder held onto the ball and did not throw it in. By doing this all three runs scored and once again the Terror took a game into extra innings. They eventually won the game on a RBI single by Harry Kenoi, who took over on the mound and picked up the win. The toughest out of the day had to be Juan Dorado of the Orioles who hit a pair of HR’s: a solo shot in the 3rd and a 2 run bomb in the 7th.

Fall National League Winners
National Division Fall Season Champions - Terror defeated Orioles (9-8)