Game Summary

This years Toys for Tots final was an exciting one that matched up the 2002 Fall Season Champions from both the National & Federal Divisions.

The games pitchers were Brave's starter George Kassis & Dodgers pitcher the reliable Doug Latta whom already pitched ten inning's prior in this tournament. Braves lead off hitter Ryan Dunn was hit by a pitch to start the game and preceded to steal second & third base respectively which quickly lead to the Braves first run of the game.

The Dodgers of No Ho didn't get things going until the 2nd inning of play with Mike Herman leading the inning with a single to right to start the Dodgers off to a 4 run inning. At one point the Dodgers were leading the ever so favored Braves 8-4 going into the bottom of the 6th inning.

That is when the Braves erupted and finally got to starter Doug Latta for 6 runs in the 6th. Dodgers countered with Abe Ortiz who was injured in game #1 of the tournament by aggravating his hamstring. He struggled and couldn't retire a batter.

Jeff Ahern was then brought in to settle things down. And preceded to attempt picks, which lead to wild throws. And more runs to were scored for the Braves who were now leading 13-8. Braves starter George Kassis went the complete game pitching scoreless final four innings and that is the way it stood under the bright lights at Stengel Field. Braves 13-8 over the Dodgers of N. Hollywood.

The Braves almost completed a sweep of every trophy Pacific Coast Baseball handed out, Winning the championship in both the Summer and Fall Seasons, and also winning the T4T Tournament.