2014 League Champions


2015 PCBL Major Division Summer Championship

August 29-30th @ College of the Canyons
LA Skunks -vs- Legends
Game 1 Summary

1st Inning: Legends -  Nick Gontmaher leads off with an infield single and steals second. He advances to third on the wild pitch and Jerry Madueno Jr. drives him in with a single to right field. Madueno steals second and is driven on a single to left by Noah Rodriguez. Rodriguez steals second and scores on a single to right field by Matt Parris. 3R 4H 1LOB 0-3 Legends

2nd Inning: Legends -  Glenn Morris leads off with a towering homerun over the left field fence. Nick Gontmaher hits a two out double down the left field line and scores on the RBI single by Jerry Madueno. Nick Rodarte then comes up with a runner on first and hits a monster homerun shot over the right field fence. 4R 4H 0LOB 0-7 Legends
4th Inning: Legends -  Nick Gontmaher reaches base on his second double and third hit of the day. He advances to third on the wild pitch and once again is driven in on the single by Jerry Madueno. Madueno scores on the single by Nick Rodarte. 2R 3H 1LOB 0-9 Legends
6th Inning: Legends -  Danny Chapparro hits a lead off single and scores on the 1 out hit by Jerry Madueno. Nick Rodarte reaches base on his third hit of the day moving Madueno to third. Matt Parris hits a long three run homerun. 4R 4H 0LOB 0-13 Legends
LA Skunks (0-1)    0  0  0  0  0  0  0             0    4   0
Legends (1-0)       3  4  0  2  0  4  x            13  16   1

Offensive Stars:
Jerry Madueno Jr.           4 for 4;  3 RBI, 4 R, SB
Nick Gontmaher              3 for 4;  2 Doubles, 3 R, SB
Nick Rodarte                    3 for 4;  HR, 4 RBI, 2 R   
Matt Parris                        2 for 4;  HR, 4 RBI, R
Glenn Morris                     1 for 2;  HR, RBI, R

Pitching Stats:
Scott Holder -   W  7 IP  0 ER   4 H  1 BB  2 K
Kevin Jerkens -  L  2 IP  7 ER  8 H  0 BB  1 K
Joe Gordon   -       4 IP  6 ER  8 H  1 BB  1 K

Game Time: 10:13am (2 hours 30 minutes)
Umpires: HP Dave Shedlock; 1B  Ralph Peck

Game 2 Summary:

1st Inning: Legends -  Nick Gontmaher reaches third on a long fly ball dropped by the left fielder; ruled and error. Jerry Madueno grounds out 4-3 scoring Gontmaher. Noah Rodriguez hits a two out double. He is left standing at third after advancing on a wild pitch. 1R 1H 1LOB 1-0 Legends

Skunks -  Kenny Woods reaches first with a lead-off infield hit. Brent White walks. Steve Zorn reaches first on a fielder’s choice retiring White; Woods advances to third. Zorn attempts for second and reaches on the error scoring Woods. Kevin Jerkens hits a single scoring Zorn.
2R 2H 1LOB 1-2 Skunks

2nd Inning: Skunks -  Back to back 1 out walks by Leo Amari and Rick Aparicio. Kenny Woods reaches first on the fielder’s choice retiring Aparicio; Amari to third. White singles scoring Amari; Woods advances to second and left there.  1R 1H 2LOB 1-3 Skunks

3rd Inning: Legends -  Nick Gonthamer hits a 1 out solo homerun to left field cutting their deficit to one run. 1R 1H 0LOB 2-3 Skunks

5th Inning: Legends -  Glenn Morris leads off with a single to left field. Abraham Esqueda and Nick Gontmaher both reach base on an error. With no out and the bases loaded, Jerry Madueno hits a sacrifice fly to center field scoring Morris. 1R 1H 2LOB 3-3 Legends

Skunks -  Steve Zorn answers with 1 out solo homerun shot putting his team back ahead by one. 1R 2H 1LOB 3-4 Skunks

7th Inning: Legends -  Jerry Madueno reaches base on a single hit the other way to right field and promptly steals second. That allows him to score on another opposite field hit by lefty Nick Rodarte. 1R 2H 2LOB 4-4 Tie

8th Inning: Legends -  Glenn Morris reaches base after being hit by a pitch. Abraham Esqueda walks and Nick Gontmaher is hit by a pitch loading the bases. With two outs Rodarte gets a huge hit to right field putting his team up by two. 2R 1H 2LOB 6-4 Legends

9th Inning: Skunks -  With one out Rick Aparicio hits a clutch homerun over the left field fence. Kenny Woods reaches on a huge triple. That allows Brent White to come up big by hitting a sacrifice fly to center field tieing the game and forcing extra innings. 2R 3H 1LOB 6-6 Tie

10th Inning: Legends Nick Gontmaher reaches base after being hit by a pitch. He steals second and Jerry Madueno is walked. Once again Nick Rodarte comes up big and drives in Gontmaher for the go ahead, and eventually winning, run. 1R 1H 3LOB 7-6 Legends

Legends (2-0)      1  0  1  0  1  0  1  2  0  1      7   9   0
LA Skunks (0-2)   2  1  0  0  1  0  0  0  1  0      6  11  3

Legends Offensive Stars:
Nick Rodarte        3 for 6;  3 RBI
Nick Gontmaher   1 for 4;  HR, 3 R, SB
Jerry Madueno     1 for 4;  RBI, SB
Glenn Morris        1 for 3;  2 R

Skunks Offensive Stars:
Kenny Woods       3 for 5;  Triple, 2 R
Steve Zorn            2 for 5;  HR, 2 R
Brent White           1 for 3;  2 RBI
Rick Aparicio         1 for 3;  HR

Pitching Stats:
Francisco Cervantes    7 IP  4 R  4 ER  6 H  3 BB  8 K
Nick Rodarte               W  3 IP  2 ER  6 H  0 BB 0 K
Kevin Jerkens               8 IP  6 R  3 ER 7 H  2 BB 3 K
Rick Aparicio                L  2 IP  1 R  0 ER  2 H  4 BB 1 K

Game Time: 10:06am (3 hours 7 minutes)
Umpires: HP Jim Sayer, 1B Andrew Marquez

Congratulations to the 2015 Major Division Champion LEGENDS!